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Our Services (old)


Think Forward Solutions offers a wide range of consulting, coaching and training services.

research & Consulting:

Our consulting services are intended for all clients: non-profit organizations, government, and businesses, and may be solicited for both organizational management and project performance purposes. 


Consulting contracts include (as needed):

    • Strategic planning;

    • Facilitation;

    • Research/Evaluation;

    • Planning, development and project design;

    • General consulting for special projects.


"Our consulting services allow our clients to gain clarity and results by finding and compiling accurate,

valuable research which can be analyzed in order to find answers to most questions

left unanswered in their organization, community, or business."

Coaching: Performance Package

At Think Forward Solutions, we are passionate about seeing people and business thrive and achieve their full potential. Our coaching services are intended businesses and organizations that want to achieve unprecedented results and require structures of accountability along the way.

Coaching contracts include (as needed):

    • Initial consultation for establishing clarity of business/organization vision, purpose and goals;

    • An execution "Next Level" action plan;

    • A documented plan reflecting the goals which will lead the organization to its destination;

    • Results and strategy coaching sessions; 

    • (Optional) Business support services to assist with finances, grant and proposal writing, management systems, and marketing.


"Our coaching services allows our clients to strategically set and achieve goals that allow

them to progress towards their greater organizational mission and vision."

Training: Performance Management Skills Training Course

Our training services are intended for businesses and organizations who lack the required skills to meet their needs. This applied training consists of a schedule including in-person workshops and follow-up sessions over skype over an eight week period. There are several stages to the course, including assessment/measurement, performance planning, productivity and applied implementation. Through these stages participants cover concepts and techniques for effective performance management, from self-assessments to key performance indicators and from strategic planning to project prioritization.

Course Objectives

The performance management training offers the following learning of new practical skills, tools and techniques:

  • The “company assessment”: skills and tools on how and when to conduct on-going reflection of the state of the company;
  • Improved personal and professional productivity with better time management and delegation, including skills such as Pomodoro technique and calendar management;
  • Smart goal setting skills and ability/tools to evaluate their progress using key metrics for success;
  • Increased capacity to faciliate team management for performance through empowered employees;
  • Capacity to prioritize projects and tasks planning to maximize company resources;
  • Techniques and tools to increase productivity and to reduce procrastination.

Expected Results

Upon completion of this course, the following results are to be expected for the company:

  • Increased efficiency, effectiveness of project manager and team leader;
  • Increased effectiveness in completing high priority projects through increased prioritization, planning and management skills;
  • Increased profits and reduced loses;
  • Increase alignment of individual employee skills and objectives with company needs and objectives;
  • Enhanced company culture, communications and employee engagement;


"Our performance management skills training is designed to align management skills

with increasing organizational needs."